About Us

Have you ever wondered why anyone would make their own soap when it's so easy to go to the store and pick up soap? Our journey to soap making may have come about differently than other soap makers.

We also own a real estate brokerage Sora Realty Group in Loveland CO. The business is very successful, but for me, it wasn't creative. There are lots of necessary laws and rules that limit creativity. I need a creative outlet, no matter what type. Being able to create something from nothing makes my heart happy and calms my mind. I have made signs and other homemade gifts for friends and family for many years. 

But what brought me to soap making was we found out that my husband has celiac disease. If you don't know what that is he has to avoid gluten. Not the diet of the month type. He will get seriously ill and in pain, if he ingests any gluten and some other food additives. If you start reading ingredient labels and you will see that wheat is in everything. I wanted to make sure that he could safely eat or use anything that was in our house. Except what's in my basket. That's probably not good for anyone but every once in a while I want a pop tart or something not healthy.

Once I started reading food ingredients then I started reading labels on everything. It wasn't easy and probably not necessary but I found a gluten-free shampoo and aluminum free deodorant. Which lead to reading my first soap label. There were so many ingredients that sounded like chemicals. I started researching how to make soap and other bath products. After creating my first batch of soap I was addicted. I could control the ingredients, the scent, and the colors. I understand why not everyone makes their own bath products. It can be very time-consuming. And soap has to cure 4-6 weeks. Some types have to cure up to a year. More about soap making in our upcoming blogs.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my "WHY"