Living in the Colorado Mountains

About a year ago we moved from town to the mountains. Our physical address may have Loveland on it still but it takes me in good weather over 30 minutes to get to town. And if there is snow I don't drive down at all. The elevation where we live at is 7200 ft. Too scary for this flat land Nebraska girl. Since I can take care of the administrative work for our real estate company I can work from home most days. Our goal is to renovate our barn into our soap shop. We are not using currently using the barn. We thought about getting a few farm pets but I worry about the mountain lions eating them. This was taken last spring on the road in front of our house. So, for now, we have two Great Pyrenees mix puppies that bark a lot. I am sure they are keeping the predators away. And a house cat that sleeps a lot when not scaring the big dogs.

My soap creations have evolved from very simple to more detailed designs. I will be releasing at least 3 different soap scents and designs every month. The soaps will be available in limited quantities for the month. I am always excited about the next month's release. For the month of March, we have released a soap inspired by the Colorado state flag. It is named Colorado and is scented with an Alpine mountain scent. Our Loveland soap is scented with Love Spell and made with Shea Butter. Grubby Hands was created for anyone that gets grubby hands to help remove the dirt and oil. Grubby hands is scented with a fresh orange essential oil.

Today I am working on the soap to be released in May. I am creating a soap inspired by succulents that smells amazing. I can't wait to try that soap. I also have some new gift sets coming soon.

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